Dry Aged Beef

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Dry Aged Beef

The first feeling towards the thought of aging beef is probably slight disgust and curiosity. The good news is that aging meat gives it the strong taste that we all enjoy. Raw meat may be a little metallic to taste buds with the seasoned experience of beef. You should not be alarmed to learn that you may have eaten aged beef a couple of times. The local grocery store meat undergoes aging before the racks are clear and free for new stock. Professional meat aging utilizes the Warner-Bratzler tool to measure the correct tenderness and texture of rightfully aged meat.

What kind of meat should you dry age?

Dry aging is possible with freshly acquired meat. A few considerations will help you age your steak at home to get the precise taste and texture.

  • Avoid aging individually cut steak. Small pieces of meat will shrink up quick due to fast loss of water. You will barely have enough meat to make a wholesome family meal from small Dry Aged Beef.
  • Acquire meat that has bones so that you will not lose pieces of them while trimming.
  • High-quality meat should have fat, which will make the basis of appropriately aged beef. The excellent fat content will add flavor to dry meat.
  • Beef tends to be the only meat type that undergoes successful aging. It is also necessary to age pork because of its natural tenderness. The only thing that could make pork tough is an improper cooking recipe.

What is the procedure of getting the perfect Dry Aged Beef?

The basis of dry aging depends on humidity, temperature, and airflow for a conducive microclimate.

A dedicated fridge

Do not include any other edibles in the refrigerator, such as cakes or juice. They will interfere with the temperature and moisture of the fridge, causing eventual contamination to the beef’s flavor. Conversely, consider a refrigerator that is not too large that it will allow the excessive escape of moisture or a small one that will limit sufficient airflow.  

A fridge with glass doors will allow you to check the inside progress without interfering with the set aging process.


Connect a small fan to the power cord inside the fridge and place it at the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It will dry away dripping moisture.


Maintain a humidity range of 75 to 85 percent. Ensure that the moisture stays in the optimal range to prevent bacterial growth and a nasty odor. Little moisture will accelerate aging without proper results. These wrong humidity calibrations will tamper with muscle mass and create air pockets that will deter a good aging process. The easiest option is to look for a wine fridge that already includes all the humidity calibrations.


The optimal temperature should be between 29F and 40F. Although most modern fridges have inbuilt thermometers displays, it is wise to invest separate thermometers to make accurate comparisons. The right temperature will ensure that your fresh meat does not go rancid before it gets to the correct sweet spot.


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