Healthy Gift Guide

Here is a healthy gift guide for all you health nuts out there. Planners, food, home tests, mushroom coffee and much more! Give the gift of health. This one is for any health nut in your life that you thank for that puzzled look as you stare down the candy aisle for stocking stuffers. Here is a question-proof guide to health for you and anyone else you find running into the same problem this Christmas. These are all items I LOVE and have very carefully chosen for you.

  1. Moxie Nosh – You have heard me rave about this one quite often and it’s for a good reason! They make nut butter for everyone (unless of course, you’re allergic to nuts). Peanut, peanut-free, cashew, trail mix and other seasonal nut butter like gingerbread and pumpkin spice. YUM. Go to their website & use the code {SIMPLHOLISTIC} gets you $1 off and they make for a perfect stocking stuffer.chaga mushroom coffee
  2. Defiant Coffee – This is another great local brand and they have a few different kinds of coffee for your coffee-loving family member, friend or spouse. You can get their collagen blend or their mushroom blend. Don’t let the mushrooms freak you out because you can’t taste them at all. They work as a perfect pre-workout or simply to start your day off. Give your loved ones the gift of health this Christmas. Code {simplholistic} gets you 10% off your entire purchase! Want to know more about them? Read this post that I wrote.
  3. Everly Well – If ever there were a perfect stocking stuffer to get someone you love, it would be this at home test kit. Whether they are suffering from unknown food allergies, bloating, indigestion, fertility issues, hormone imbalance or other things, this is THE gift for them. Better yet, get this one for yourself because you deserve the best health you can get. Code {simplholistic} for 10% off your next kit.
  4. Thrive Membership – Talk about the gift of giving. When you get a Thrive membership today, you will be giving one to a family in need so they can have healthy options too! Thrive saves me about $600 a year and even more if I wouldn’t forget to use them more than I do! Some of my favorite items on thriving are Eating Evolved Chocolates, canned coconut milk & collagen powder. You can’t find these cheaper anywhere else. PLUS, right now they are giving you an extra 20% off your first THREE orders. Holy crap.
  5. Flhair Accessories – Are you or someone you love a gym-loving pony tail-wearing cutie? These hair ties are absolutely adorable and affordable. Please, for your benefit, go check out Emma’s stuff because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You can customize your own hair ties or buy the ones she was ready to go! Someone you know getting married? Even better. She specializes in bridal party goodies and I would definitely want to get these in my stocking if I were your friend 😉
  6. My Favorite Blender – My all-time favorite blender, hands down, is the Vitamix Blender. Is it spendy, yes? Is it worth it, yes? I have had mine for over 4 years now and it literally works as good as new. It has traveled with me to Hawaii, Colorado, Alaska, California and now Washington… I make dressings, soups, smoothies, sauces, desserts and much more in this bad girl. I included an Amazon link that saves you $100 dollars because I like you. A little too much for you? Here is my second favorite blender: the Bullet. Easy to use & easy to clean. What could be better?
  7. Kitlife Planner – If you haven’t heard me talk about this planner, head over to my post that is dedicated to them. This planner is 1) adorable, 2) functional, 3)the real deal. I used this planner when I was starting Simplistic and it saved my life. If you know any planners, business owners, parents or college students, this is the gift for them! Be sure to customize it to match their personality 😉
  8. Vital Proteins – By far, this is my favorite protein that there is. I am not a fan of super flavored protein powders so, this is perfect. It doesn’t have that nasty after taste and it actually leaves you feeling full. I linked their new Vanilla Collagen Creamer which is perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies or oatmeal. Oh yeah, & it has 10 g of protein per serving yes doggy. Shove this in someones stocking and you’ll be the real MVP.
  9. Ultimate Health Bundle – This is a bundle that I created for your mom, cousin, brother, uncle, grandpa and second aunt Suzi. Do you get the point? It’s for everyone and you will never find another bundle with this much in it for $18. It’s worth $200 but I made it $18 because I want everyone to have access to healthy meal plans, supplements, grocery guides and more. Do yourself and the ones you love a favor. Get. This. Now.
  10. Study Bible – My spiritual life is a huge part of my healthy lifestyle and the very reason I do it! Serving our God by eating clean, relaxing and working out is the best way to treat our bodies like the temple they are. Here is one of my favorite study Bibles and I hope you gift it to someone in need! Here is a cute one from Amazon (with prime).