Coffee + Lions mane + Chaga + Cordyceps = Defiant

Coffee + Collagen = Defiant

We use fair trade practices and direct relationships with GRAPOS to ensure an organically grown, sustainable coffee.

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Our coffee’s are daily roasted to provide the freshest product.

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We don’t just stop at great coffee.  We’ve added UPGRADES to each of our blends for additional benefits.

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This blend has a Highly bioavailable form of collagen added to provide the essential building blocks for new cell growth.

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Collagen Has Been Shown To:

  • Support The Re-Growth Of Joint Tissue
  • Improve Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Detox The Liver
  • Repair Intestinal Walls
  • Decrease Wrinkles


We’ve added extracts from the fruiting body of organically grown mushrooms for additional health benefits:
• Lions mane: cognitive health
• Chaga: immune system balance
• Cordyceps: Energy boost

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Cordyceps M-“Chi” building herb with effects that “activate life energies.”
Cordyceps are a highly revered athletic tonic for its revitalizing effects on physical stamina as well as its ability to help increase lung capacity and build muscle mass. It supports recovery from adrenal depletion and is shown to increase lung capacity as well as oxygen utilization, making it a great tonic for improving athletic performance and aerobic workouts.  C. militaris contain unique medicinal components such as specific nucleosides called cordycepin and adenosine. These active ingredients have been proven to play a key role in increasing ATP production and are additionally useful to the cardiovascular system.

Chaga-“the king of herbs”
It is always best to keep the immune system strong, so it can function optimally. We are all bombarded with immune stress in our daily lives from environmental pollution and toxins that effect our health in ways we may not realize.

 Chaga is an immune modulator and “double-directional” adaptogen that powerfully balances immune response and helps the body maintain optimal homeostasis.  Superoxide dismutase, also called SOD, is a natural antioxidant enzyme produced within the body that plays a significant role as a free radical scavenger.  It acts as a “bodyguard” that essentially protects against DNA damage and helps to reduce the work load placed on the immune system.  Chaga is one of the highest sources of this nutrient, offered in an easily utilized bio-available form.

Lion’s mane
Powerful superfood adaptogen for the brain, nerves and immune system.
Lion’s mane is a potent catalyst for brain tissue regeneration and helps to improve memory and cognitive functions.  Studies have shown that the mushroom stimulates the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).  Nerve Growth Factor (or NGF) is a protein that plays a major role in the maintenance, survival and regeneration of neurons. A lack of NGF is considered one of the major causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  It is required by the brain and important sensory neurons to keep the entire nervous system strong and healthy.  Nerve growth factor is also known to stimulate and develop “new neuron growth” in the central and peripheral systems.
Nerve Growth Factor is thought to play an important role in helping to elevate ones mood, alleviate anxiety, and lessen the chances of depression.

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